Burt Children Center
Burt Children Center

Burt Children Center

Once located at 940 Grove Street in San Francisco Burt Children Center provided psychotherapy treatment to children with autism or that were traumatized.

Mary Canedy Burt
Ms Mary Burt 1909-2002

Mary Burt

Mary Canedy Burt pioneered an acclaimed method of psychotherapy to treat autistic and traumatized children. Burt Children’s Center, a residential facility for trouble children specialized in regression therapy using pink, womb-like rooms.

Mary Burt 90th Birthday

Then San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown declared her 90th birthday, May 28, 1999, as ‘Mary Burt Day’ in San Francisco.

Santa Ken at the Burt Children Center

Ken Casey

Over the years, I have put together a Christmas show and fundraiser for some of the neediest children in our community. The show had had as many as 18 adults playing all the Christmas characters from Rudolph to the toy soldier. I play Santa Claus well, Santa Ken.

After the show Santa Ken individually hands out many presents to the children. Of course, they get the toys, but we use this opportunity to get them the things they need; clothes, shoes, books, etc. I also bring needed things for the home such as TVs, appliances etc. In the spirit of Christmas I give them my time and my heart and lots of hugs from Santa!

These children have not had much good in their life. It warms my heart that I know in the years that I seen them as Santa I’m giving them some hope in the world.

Support your local children center, you’ll never will regret it.

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